Today, the Scott Trust announces the appointment of Ole Jacob Sunde as its new Chair of the board. The Scott Trust is the sole shareholder of Guardian Media Group.

– Ole Jacob is an authority on the critical importance of independent journalism. He also brings deep expertise in digital media, as chair of Scandinavia’s largest media group, says David Olusoga, chair of the Scott Trust’s nominations committee.

– These qualities, and his personal integrity and commitment to the Scott Trust’s values, make him the ideal person to chair and oversee the Trust in a critical period. Scott Trust members were pleased to endorse him as chair on a unanimous basis, Olusoga says.

Ole Jacob Sunde joined the Scott Trust in 2015. He was appointed Acting Chair in March 2021.

– The Guardian, The Observer and the Scott Trust itself are hugely important institutions in global media, whose names are bywords for journalistic excellence, independence, courage and integrity, Ole Jacob Sunde, chair of the Scott Trust, says.

I was privileged to join the Trust in 2015 and I now feel honored to accept the role of chair, with the support of my fellow Trust members. I look forward to supporting the Scott Trust’s mission and working to secure the financial and editorial independence of the Guardian in perpetuity, Sunde says.

Ole Jacob Sunde has been associated with Schibsted ASA for 30 years, having been elected to the Schibsted Board in 2000 and serving as its Chair since 2002.

He is also the Chair of the Tinius Trust. In a recent interview that marked the 25th anniversary of the Tinius Trust, Sunde commented on the similarities between the Tinius Trust and the Scott Trust:

– They have a similar purpose: to use the power of journalism to create a better society. One should build a community that has hope, that sees opportunities, that develops, that has equal opportunities for all, and so on. The tolerance and openness that are inherent in a democratic society. So, there are many similarities.

– There are differences, too, because The Guardian operates in a global market that has other competition parameters. In my opinion, The Guardian does an excellent job in creating good journalism, but Schibsted is way ahead in its digital development and its ability to incorporate digital technology into good journalism.

Watch the 25th anniversary interview with Ole Jacob Sunde here (English subtitles) or read the transcript. You can also read more about the Scott Trust here.