Damian Collins called Facebook digital gangsters, and stated that Zuckerberg failed to show leadership and personal responsibility. Listen to his thoughts on how the global platform operators could be controlled.

In this interview Damian Collins, Conservative Member of the British Parliament, talks about the latest report on disinformation and fake news from the DCMS Committee to the British Government. In the report the Committee recommend clear legal liabilities to be established for tech companies to act against harmful or illegal content on their sites. The Committee also called for a compulsory Code of Ethics defining what constitutes harmful content.

Watch a small sequence from the interview here.

Damian Collins was a keynote speaker at the Power of Journalism conference held by the Tinius Trust and Schibsted in Stockholm, on May 23rd 2019. Kjersti Løken Stavrum, CEO of the Tinius Trust, asked Collins if the days for the business of social media are over.

What we will see from this moment is a period were governments around the world set new standards for oversight and scrutiny of what these companies do, Damian Collins said.

Stavrum referred to Collins calling Facebook digital gangsters, and asked: Do you think they will improve a lot?

They have it in their power to be better. Where do you go to complain about someone in Moldova running a network of fake accounts on Facebook? The only people who could even start to find them, are Facebook themselves, he said.

You can also watch the entire interview below.

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