Få innsikt i vår tids mest kraftfulle journalistiske avsløringer og konsekvensene som følger av den på årets Power of Journalism konferanse.

For tredje år på rad arrangerer Stiftelsen Tinius og Schibsted konferansen the Power of Journalism. Nytt av året er at konferansen utvides til Stockholm. Konferansen er gratis, men det er et begrenset antall plasser i begge land.

  • Meld deg på the Power of Journalism den 22. mai på Latter i Oslo, fra 10.00 – 16.30.
  • Meld deg på the Power of Journalism den 23. mai på Vasateatern i Stockholm, fra 12.00 – 17.00.

Mediene er under press, og samtalen om journalistikkens kraft i samfunnet er viktig å ta del i for alle samfunnets støttespillere.

Journalistikk kan selvfølgelig kritiseres fra gang til gang, men jeg kan ikke se for meg noe som kan erstatte god journalistikk for den offentlige debatten vår. Det er derfor vi har gått sammen om å lage the Power of Journalism, sier CEO i Stiftelsen Tinius, Kjersti Løken Stavrum.

Med årets konferanse vil Stiftelsen Tinius og Schibsted vise at frem eksempler på vår tids mest kraftfulle journalistiske avsløringer og konsekvensene som følger av den.

Her er noen av foredragene du kan lytte til på årets The Power of Journalism:

Facebook – the end of journalism? 

Jesper Doub – Facebook’s Director of Media Partnerships Europe
Facebook has been accused of weakening democracy and undermining established publishers. But what does Facebook say about this statement?
Both in Oslo and Stockholm (in English)

Getting the story out – no matter the cost

Rana Ayyub – Indian journalist and author
Hear about how she went undercover for 10 months to uncover reprehensible attitudes and cooperation between police and bureaucrats in the state of Gujarat.
Both in Oslo and Stockholm

Putting the digital gangsters on the spot

Damian Collins – Conservative Member of the British Parliament
Damian will present the recently published report of disinformation and “fake news”.
Can the global platform operators be controlled and what influence will the report have on European policy?
Only in Stockholm

Justice for Daphne

Laurent Richard – journalist and leader of the Forbidden Stories, runs “The Daphne Project”
Laurent Richard runs “The Daphne Project”, a collaboration between 45 media organisations and 18 editors to complete Daphne’s projects and reveal what she had found before being murdered by a car bomb.
Only in Oslo

The Internet is Broken

Karin Pettersson – Director of Public Policy at Schibsted
Karin Pettersson, Director of Public Policy at Schibsted, explains how the internet broke and how we can move forward.
Both in Oslo and Stockholm

The Tolga Case, VG

VG Journalists Maria Mikkelsen and Mona Grivi Norman
VG revealed what happened when the three brothers were wrongfully registered as intellectually disabled by the municipality. The journalists will talk about how the award-winning VG disclosure came about.
Both in Oslo and Stockholm.

Receipts of Power – Aftonbladet

Journalists from Aftonbladet will share their revelation:
Aftonbladet exposed that several Members of Parliament have been breaking the rules on privileges to gain personal benefits since 2018.

A political swindle – Aftenposten

Henning Carr Ekroll, Carl Alfred Dahl
Can voters trust the people they have elected? How do politicians use public money that they have access to? To what degree are they prepared to abide by the same rules they set for others?

The Future of Digital Storytelling – The Tinder Swindler, VG

Erlend Ofte Arntsen, Natalie Remøe Hansen, Kristoffer Kumar
The journalists will explain how they both devised an innovative method of storytelling and found the individual at the centre of the investigation, The Tinder Swindler.

Jehovah’s justice, Fædrelandsvennen

Connie Bentzrud and Tarjei Leer-Salvesen
Fædrelandsvennen uncovered a Christian version of Sharia courts: the religious court of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Hear more about the treatment of vulnerable women and children, Faithleaks and the secret book of elders.