by Ole Jacob Sunde, Chariman of the Board, The Tinius Trust

Creativity and the capability of renewal are important preconditions when creating the media of tomorrow. This is why the Tinius Trust has invited a group of prominent media professionals to present their suggestions for such a process. None of them have the solution, but they all have opinions that inspire a qualified debate on the media of the future.

The Tinius Trust has two important foundations: One is the defence of free media. A free press is perhaps the most important safeguard we have for a strong and living democracy. The other is to be an active support for the healthy financial development of Schibsted. These two foundations have always been interconnected. Without good content, no healthy finances – and without healthy finances, no content.

Now the winter night has fallen. Many have understood and anticipated its arrival, but few are able to keep warm. The spring everyone is longing for may take long to arrive and will inevitably reveal an altered media landscape. It is in situations such as these it is important to dare to think new and differently. This characterizes the contributions on the following pages.

We view it as a confirmation of Schibsted’s impact also outside of Scandinavia that Rupert Murdoch is one of the contributors to this annual report. However, Schibsted also has its own talented people who share their experiences with us. Aftonbladet’s Kalle Jungkvist writes on the development of a comprehensive media house and Svenska Dagbladet’s Lena K. Samuelsson and Martin Jönsson discuss the will to change.

VG’s Torry Pedersen is convinced that the Internet must be allowed to develop on its own terms. From Paris Frédéric Filloux has views on the new role of the editor, while Per Egil Hegge is of the opinion that we can gather inspiration from colleagues in the press who have weathered storms before. Finally, Speaker of the Norwegian Parliament, Torbjørn Jagland, writes on the conditions of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the precondition for a free press and deserves our attention.

I would like to extend warm thanks to them all.

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